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Per primera vegada es reedita el mític àlbum publicat el 1982
Por primera vez se reedita el mítico álbum publicado en 1982
the first ever reissue of the mythical album released in 1982
El Grito Acusador, Entr’Acte, Logotipo, Klamm, Secreto Metro, Error Genético, Detra’s Band 10, Boris, Mimi Pimer, Tres, Milk From Cheltenham, Amos & Superslicks, The Hostiapaths
– 180 grms vinyl edition.
– Limited to 500 copies.
– Housed in 350 grms discobag and poly-lined inner sleeve .
– A5 sized fanzine inserts of uncoated paper designed by Bing Selfish.
– Detailed liner notes created by Bing Selfish, Víctor Nubla, Juan Crek, Juanjo Sánchez and Jim Whelton.
– Sound recovered from the original studio tapes and re-mastered by Albert Guitart at alb-estudi.
– No digital.

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